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Jo has been just incredible to work with. We needed to sell our home in San Francisco in order to buy our next (and hopefully last) home in the Sierra foothills. Even though we were far from ready to make that purchase, Jo was quite willing to take us to view house after house, in two counties, helping us to discern what area we wanted to live in and what kind of home we wanted. Once we had all our ducks in a row and were ready to buy, she walked us through each step and gave stellar advice along the way.

The companies Jo used to complete the home and roof inspections on our new house did an impressively thorough job. They discovered a big problem with the roof that even surprised the sellers and Jo negotiated a fair deal around those repairs.

Due to our schedules, we could not be present at closing so Jo did the walk-through for us, sending photos, etc. Once we moved in, we had two days in the home before leaving on a long-planned trip to visit family. We were concerned about leaving because we didn't have keys that fit the deadbolts and we we had a possible rat issue in the ceiling of the garage apartment. Jo came to the rescue again and arranged for pest control and a locksmith to come to the house today. She stayed there as new locks were installed and it was determined we had a resident squirrel on the roof. She gave us updates by phone and made sure all was well and the work completed before she left. That is service above and beyond!

I would recommend Jo Barragan without hesitation to anyone looking to buy or to list a home. Her knowledge, expertise, and customer service are outstanding. You can't go wrong with Jo!


Content by Mauro Vazquez Santa Rosa Realtor

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