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Jo was "amazing". She is a true professional. I highly recommend her to anyone selling a home. To tell you the truth, I consider myself "hard to please". Yet I come away from our home sale pleased with the ease of the process. Mind you it was no easy feat. The buyers changed lenders, changed and added purchasers to assure they qualified, and they wanted to start working on the home prior to closing Each situation was handled with professionalism, confidence and consideration of the seller (me).
A little history The home is 60+ years and in need of repair work to make it livable. We weren't certain how it would fair in the market place. She suggested having all inspections completed up front. Therefore, the potential buyer knew overall what the house needed. This was advantageous. She had a team supporting her. No matter what my concerns were she had a solution. What more can you ask for?
She is a professional that is friendly with an easy to get along with personalityWithout hesitation I would use her again


Content by Mauro Vazquez Santa Rosa Realtor

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